Glot is a ten-member flared terminal sans serif family of typefaces based on a mix of proportions of Roman square capitals and hyper-readable sans serifs.

Glot by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

Glot comes in five weights with matching true italics: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black. The Glot family has a wide range and is incredibly functional, working well for longer texts as well as display typography.

After designing the house typefaces for a handful of the most predominant multiplayer online games out there, we decided that it was time to bring the battlefield to the people.

Glot comes armed with ample language support (Central, Eastern and Western European) and OpenType ornamental spiked alternate characters for when one needs a hint of danger.

The Story of Glot

Glot wasn’t born yesterday. Nor was she born of tomorrow. Glot’s a bit more grand—she’s the stuff that informed the Romans as much as the Universal Imperium. She’s battlefield grace and panache personified, not that I knew it at first...

Glot by Ian Lynam Overview イエン・ライナム

We first stumbled across Glot in this sunlit glade after the Glarr Initiative so long ago. She was just lounging around in her Light form, a mix of antiquity and poise. Refined, yet carefree and fun, despite her genteel demeanor. We laid out our travel blankets next to hers and talked for a good long spell, the pixies catching rides on the dandelion tufts when she switched into Light Italic mode and really got talking.

Jimbocho brought out the effervescent mead and she went Regular on us—all jokes and war stories, and when Glot gets excited, sometimes she likes to go Regular Italic, all elbow jabs and explosive giggling to accentuate her punchlines, as if she needs to. It was a good day, after a really long, hard-earned month of fighting.

Glot by Ian Lynam Overview イエン・ライナム

We agreed to set up camp together, as trusts had been earned and camaraderie was high. Glot built a decent-sized fire while Jim and I cast the usual spells, but we didn’t see the Poddle making for Glot’s bag in the meantime. Stupid Poddles. They always try and steal your stuff. Glot bulked up to Medium, then cleaved that Poddle in half in lightning-fast Medium Italic.

Luckily, Poddles are really remorseful after being split in half, so they were happy to be ordered to beat it post-haste, and we got down to finishing the camp protection spells, gulping down some rations and settling in for the night.

Glot was gone in the morning, but all of our stuff was still there (Elven gold and all!) and she left us a sweet note saying that whenever we needed her, she’d be there. Such a sweet kid. (Or is she a kid? Hard to tell.)

Glot by Ian Lynam Overview イエン・ライナム

Later that week, Jimbocho-san and I got stuck in this incomprehensible melee with a bunch of orc-bats who some idiot had sold teleport-paks to and we were struggling to fight them off.

Of course, Glot showed up in Bold mode, impaling those little bloodthirsty jerks on the spikes of her Alts, scissor-kicking in Bold Italic mode until there was just one wily one left who, of course, pressed The Big Red Button and called The Cleric in. I was sweating bullets and Jimbo didn’t look any less freaked, but Glot went full-beast in Black mode and took that sucker out in a flurry of Black Italic.

Glot by Ian Lynam Overview イエン・ライナム

Looking over the blue-green blood-soaked field, we knew that we had something good. Glot looked at us and said, “Team?”.

Jimbo and I just nodded, smiling.

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Glot: Vérité.

Glot by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム